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Laser Facial Columbus

There are several reasons that skin can lose it's vibrant, youthful appearance. Aging, sun exposure, pollution, and other factors can affect the skin, causing discoloration, dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, the treatments offered at Body Refinery, including highly effective IPL Photofacial procedures, can restore skin’s appearance. Body Refinery, located in Columbus, Ohio, provides our clients with face and body treatments that allow them to let their natural beauty shine. Our procedures, including the IPL Photofacial, offer impressive skin rejuvenation results, including improved texture and tone. IPL treatments have improved skin for decades, and their technology continues to improve so patients can realize their skin goals faster and more completely. Read on to learn what IPL Photofacial treatments can do for your skin.

We can treat multiple skin conditions!

Sun Damage

Damaging UV rays can cause the skin to become rough and dry and create areas of discoloration. Sun damage can also cause the skin to lose collagen faster, making skin less structured and more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. 

IPL Photofacial targets uneven coloring and sun spots by heating and destroying the buildup of melanin. As a result, new skin emerges. Its tone matches the skin’s original tone, creating more even, younger-looking skin. 


Since IPL Photofacial treatments use different filters to target various skin concerns, we can customize the procedure to provide relief for patients suffering from acne. 

The technology of IPL treatments allows it to address the inflamed tissue below the skin’s surface. As it penetrates the skin, it can kill the bacteria that cause inflammation and infection. 

When treating acne, IPL Photofacials use different filters or wavelengths, with blue lights destroying certain acne bacteria, yellow lights addressing swollen acne lesions, and red lights paralyzing overactive oil glands. As a result, patients can reduce their acne without the side effects of oral medications. 


Age Spots

Age spots, also called liver spots, are flat areas of darker or discolored skin. IPL therapy heats and destroys the dermal tissue with higher concentrations of melanin. While age spots may require multiple treatments, with IPL therapy, they can disappear, leaving even, clear, younger-looking skin. 


Rosacea causes facial skin to redden, typically on the nose, cheeks, and forehead. As rosacea continues untreated, it can create pimple-like bumps on the face and make blood vessels on the skin’s surface more visible. 

IPL treatments offer skin rejuvenation for those with rosacea by closing off surface blood vessels, breaking up the discolored skin cells that give off a red appearance, and stimulating collagen so that new, clear skin replaces the damaged cells. 

Poor Skin Texture

Skin can lose its soft, smooth, radiant appearance over time. Skin becomes dull due to age, sun damage, and inflammation. As skin’s texture becomes rough or coarse, it doesn’t reflect light as well, making it appear dull. 

IPL treatments target the deeper layers of skin and promote the body’s collagen production. The new collagen provides skin rejuvenation from the bottom up, with the new skin cells replacing the dull, coarse skin and providing skin with a healthy, youthful appearance.

Broken Blood Vessels or Capillaries

Spider veins or broken blood vessels are tiny red lines that can spread across the skin, giving it a blotchy or ruddy appearance. Broken capillaries can result from hormone changes, injuries, or alcohol consumption. 

IPL Photofacials can treat broken blood vessels by using light pulses to close off the flow of blood to the visible lines. The body naturally diverts that blood to the intact blood vessels and capillaries below the skin. The treatment also stimulates new cell growth beneath the skin’s surface, reducing the skin’s red appearance. 

Feel confident again in your skin

Many people come to us wanting to improve their skin or have lines, wrinkles, sun spots etc. Our laser treatment is fantastic for all of these skin conditions and more. Book a consultation today and see how we can help you achieve your skin goals!


  • Laser Photofacial
  • $300
  • Price is per treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does IPL Photofacial Work?

IPL Photofacial uses light energy to target specific colors in your skin. For example, darker and redder spots on the skin absorb more energy from the light bursts provided in IPL treatments than the lighter skin around those spots.

This natural effect allows the darker tissue in the layers below the surface layers to heat at a different temperature than other tissue, allowing our team to target specific skin concerns, like hyperpigmentation.

In addition, IPL Photofacial treatments are very customizable, so we can vary the intensity of the IPL emission based on your needs.

In addition to targeted skin improvements, IPL Photofacial triggers the body’s healing response. As a result, the body produces more collagen, restoring the skin’s resilience and structure. Increased collagen provides a skin rejuvenation effect, increasing its younger, smoother, and firmer appearance.

What Skin Concerns Does IPL Photofacial Treat?

One of the most impressive features of IPL treatments is the procedure’s ability to target several common skin concerns. Patients restore their skin’s healthy, youthful appearance without trying dozens of lotions, serums, and treatments. IPL Photofacial stands out for its versatility.

IPL Laser Before & Afters


Removal of Sun Spots, age spots, freckles, scarring, eczema flares, and melasma, etc.

Small Area – $100/treatment
Medium Area- $200/ treatment
Large Area – $300/treatment
Treatment size and recommended sessions based on consultation


Series of 6- Long deep penetrating wavelength for fine lines and wrinkle repairs.Builds collagen.

Ideal for darker skin types (IV, V, VI).Series of 6 including Neck – $2500
Series of 6 Decolletage Only – $1500


Small area $1100 Series of 4
Large area $1600 Series of 4


Series of 3- Photorejuvenation reverses sun damage, even out facial color, and improve tone and texture

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The Staff, Dannielle, Jodie, Felicia and Ashley from Body Refinery is soo Welcoming, as soon my husband and I walked in. Love the Atmosphere. Jodie is Absolutely a Gem we spoked on the phone before I met with them, I felt like I known her my entire life. Dannielle talked through our goals and made us feel comfortable. I Definitely recommend this place. Thank you!!!
Mylene Ramirez
Happy Client
This place is awesome! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it’s a very cozy atmosphere. I have had many treatments here and have never been disappointed. I love the idea of reversing aging but not with surgery or invasive procedures—they have non-invasive solutions!!
Linda Dawson
Happy Client
The staff are welcoming and make you feel comfortable right away. Dr. J took his time to explain the services they provide and got me started right away. I only had my first session so far. I will be back and looking forward to trying a couple other services out. Definitely worth the try.
Rita Valenzuela
Happy Client