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Emsculpt Columbus OH

If you’ve been following a regular diet and exercise plan but still haven’t been able to obtain the results you’re looking for, a body sculpting treatment with Emsculpt Neo may be the solution for you. Emsculpt Neo is an FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that burns fat while also building muscle. Other treatment options may reduce body fat, but very few build muscle to bring you a more toned and sleek appearance. Since Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive treatment, it doesn’t require any incisions to the skin or time spent in recovery. Instead, a device is placed on certain areas of your body to stimulate the muscle fibers and burn fat with the use of radiofrequency energy. Multiple sessions with the device often result in the most significant results, and most patients are very pleased with their new, more contoured bodies.

Emsculpt is cutting edge technology!

A session with an Emsculpt Neo device typically lasts for 30 minutes and results in up to 20,000 muscle contractions. These contractions occur rapidly and at the cellular level. 

Rather than undergoing a rest period that you’d typically expect during a regular weightlifting session, Emsculpt Neo does not allow the muscles to stop contracting until the full treatment has been completed. 

The energy for all of the muscle contractions becomes available through the burning of nearby fat cells during the Emsculpt Neo session. As the fat cells become damaged during the session, they release the fat held through a process called lipolysis. 

Lipolysis will continue to occur during the weeks and months following an Emsculpt Neo session, resulting in more visible results.

The Emsculpt Neo device uses a combination of electromagnetic energy and radiofrequency heat to obtain results. This results in increased blood supply to the muscles, which strengthens muscle fibers and the overall volume of the muscles. 

While electromagnetic energy stimulates the muscles, radiofrequency heats the fat cells to above 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the temperature required to damage them and promote the emptying of the contents of the cells through the body’s lymphatic system. 

Emsculpt Neo is approved for use in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and calves. It has been found to reduce the separation that often occurs in the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, known as diastasis recti. Before Emsculpt Neo, this condition could only be addressed through surgical procedures, such as a tummy tuck. 

What Are the Benefits of Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo provides several benefits for those seeking to lose body fat and enhance the overall shape of their bodies.


As a non-invasive alternative to other body fat reduction techniques such as liposuction or CoolSculpting, Emsculpt Neo is perfect for those who don’t want the recovery downtime associated with surgical options. Following a session with Emsculpt Neo, patients can return to their normal daily activities. Results appear gradually and are enhanced with additional treatments spaced apart over a period of time.

Body Sculpting

While other treatments primarily focus on fat reduction, Emsculpt Neo is one of the few that can provide muscle building. This allows for better contours of the body. Rather than simply reducing small fat pockets, the device promotes muscle development. You may see significant increases in muscle tone and strength following several sessions with Emsculpt Neo.

Appropriate for All Skin Tones

While some procedures can only be performed on those with certain skin tones or types, Emsculpt Neo is appropriate for all skin types. As long as we find that you have no medical conditions that could impair the treatment, you’ll be able to undergo Emsculpt Neo. This makes Emsculpt Neo one of the best choices for non-invasive body contouring.

A Look Into Your Emsculpt Consult

A complimentary consultation is recommended for Emsculpt in Columbus with one of our medical team members to evaluate your body, your goals and to look for any contraindications. In general there are three things that prevent use of Neo. 1- anything mechanical like a pacemaker, 2-pregnancy, 3-any metal implant that is not MRI suitable. We will take initial photos, and use them to discuss the areas you wish to treat and to understand what your goals for treatment are  and to confirm this treatment is right for you. In this 20 minute consultation, you will get to see our staff, our office and the devices. Based on your goals, we will help you chart a course for achieving them. We will establish a treatment course and length that is likely to get you where you want to be. We will formulate a package price that is built just for you. Perhaps we will suggest adding Emtone or Emsella to your treatment package to best accomplish your goals.  We will work together every week to check in on all the measurables, take photos to chart your progress and adapt as we need to. This customizable, malleable approach is what sets apart from our competitors. Also the fact that we are all about the body and refining it!  Our expertise is not plastics, or derm. Don’t choose us if you want implants or have a skin rash. Choose us when you want to refine your body. We know all the tricks to this trade. Our expertise is helping you refine your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No! Emsculpt Neo doesn't hurt. It's quite comfortable considering it's a device that is designed to contract muscles. We adjust the machine to increase power as time goes on or as long as it's comfortable for you. People describe the sensation as an intense experience but it's not painful at all. You may feel some warmth from the machine but nothing crazy. 

How fast are the results?

We all want quick results! Depending on your body, age, hormone status, BMI, activity and many other factors like nutrition it can depend on how quickly you can see results. 

Am I too old for Emsculpt?

NO! There is no age limit for people who can qualfiy for a treatment. A popular reason that people use Emsculpt Neo isn't just for its fat loss capabilities but for it's strengthening benefits. 

Are results quick and how quick?

It honestly depends from person to person. Within 2-3 sessions in regards to your muscle mass you will noticable difference. Ideal results usually take 4-12 weeks post treatment cycle completion. 

Emsculpt Transformations

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The Staff, Dannielle, Jodie, Felicia and Ashley from Body Refinery is soo Welcoming, as soon my husband and I walked in. Love the Atmosphere. Jodie is Absolutely a Gem we spoked on the phone before I met with them, I felt like I known her my entire life. Dannielle talked through our goals and made us feel comfortable. I Definitely recommend this place. Thank you!!!
Mylene Ramirez
Happy Client
This place is awesome! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it’s a very cozy atmosphere. I have had many treatments here and have never been disappointed. I love the idea of reversing aging but not with surgery or invasive procedures—they have non-invasive solutions!!
Linda Dawson
Happy Client
The staff are welcoming and make you feel comfortable right away. Dr. J took his time to explain the services they provide and got me started right away. I only had my first session so far. I will be back and looking forward to trying a couple other services out. Definitely worth the try.
Rita Valenzuela
Happy Client