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Emtone Columbus OH

Tired of Cellulite? Want things tightened and smooth? Want all the puckered, dimpled-skin gone… Emtone is cleared by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite and skin tone!

Emtone is miles above other RF treatments

Emtone works by using a combination of heat via radiofrequency (RF) energy and targeted pressure to hit the primary sources of cellulite. What you’re left with is a boost in new collagen and improved elastin, two key components that will give you the dimple-free skin that can be so elusive. Rock those shorts, smooth your tummy and enhance the skin’s laxity in any areas suffering from cellulite.

Take that next step to smooth and tighten your skin with Emtone in columbus OH. (Columbus). Our experts at Body Refinery can help you come up with an individualized cellulite treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of Emtone treatments?

Emtone has a wide range of benefits, lets explore them below.


Emtone is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure with great results and zero down time.

Confidence Boost

We find many of our patients have a big confidence boost in the way they feel about their body when they save results

Appropriate for All Skin Tones

Emtone doesn’t discriminate! It can be used on all skintones, body shapes & sizes!


Painless & Effective

One of the biggest benefits is that emtone is painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emtone reduce Cellulite?

Yes, Emtone reduces cellulite. It's combination therapy increases skin elasticity, reduces enlarged fat chambers under the skin,  improves poor blood flow, waste and water retention, and rigid fibers beneath the skin that cause the dreaded dimpling.

Repeated treatments as part of a customized plan will not only an overall reduction of cellulite over time but improved skin laxity and texture within weeks of your treatments.

How does Emtone work?

Emtone works by combining dual technologies (thermal and mechanical energy) to target the causes of cellulite. Thermal radiofrequency (RF) energy, heats the skin to therapeutic temperature to tighten the skin’s fibers and boost collagen production. 

Mechanical, acoustic energy penetrates the skin, boosting circulation and reducing waste and fluid retention which contributes to cellulite.


These dual modalities have a synergistic effect to  disrupt the fat chambers and rigid skin fibers, creating those uneven, dimpled surfaces in the upper layers of the skin. These technologies used in tandem are better together than they are on their own individually. Emtone uses your body's natural processes to stimulate a response that supports fat loss, broken chambers, new collagen and elasticity, improving the appearance of cellulite.

How long does a treatment take?

Treatments typically take about 20 minutes from start to finish. Most patients will benefit from four of these 20-minute treatments over 2-4 weeks, but your provider will develop a treatment plan with you based on your goals. Packages are customized to individual patient goals and pricing is determined based on the package that will best treat the patient  

What does a treatment feel like?

It's not painful but it can get hot. Think of it as bacon in a skillet. The providers rely on your feedback to ensure you are as comfortable. Some patients compare it to a hot stone massage with mechanical vibrations as your provider applies the device to your skin. The radiofrequency energy heats your skin to therapeutic temperature. At the same time, your provider uses targeted pressure energy to boost circulation in your treatment zones. All of this happens while you’re lying down and relaxing for the 20 minutes or so your treatment will take.

There’s no downtime after your treatment, so you’ll be able to get back to your day and activities right after your therapy.

How long do treatments last?

Your Emtone results will last anywhere from three months to a year. We recommend monthly-quarterly maintenance treatments to keep your results. Bodies revert back to their natural ways, so once you begin, it is important to keep the smoothness on point. While some will see improvements to their cellulite after just one session, ideal results are three months after your last session is completed. The wait is worth it! How often you come in for a touchup will depend on your body.  These maintenance sessions are included in our medical gym membership at a fraction of the cost.  We want you to maintain your results and so offer you these maintenance procedure at a very affordable monthly membership rate.

Emtone Transformations

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The Staff, Dannielle, Jodie, Felicia and Ashley from Body Refinery is soo Welcoming, as soon my husband and I walked in. Love the Atmosphere. Jodie is Absolutely a Gem we spoked on the phone before I met with them, I felt like I known her my entire life. Dannielle talked through our goals and made us feel comfortable. I Definitely recommend this place. Thank you!!!
Mylene Ramirez
Happy Client
This place is awesome! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it’s a very cozy atmosphere. I have had many treatments here and have never been disappointed. I love the idea of reversing aging but not with surgery or invasive procedures—they have non-invasive solutions!!
Linda Dawson
Happy Client
The staff are welcoming and make you feel comfortable right away. Dr. J took his time to explain the services they provide and got me started right away. I only had my first session so far. I will be back and looking forward to trying a couple other services out. Definitely worth the try.
Rita Valenzuela
Happy Client