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Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Columbus, OH

Do you frequently feel like you have to urinate? Does your urinary incontinence stop you from living a life you enjoy? You don’t have to worry about urinary leakage and incontinence anymore with the Emsella chair treatment. At Body Refinery in Columbus, OH, we offer the revolutionary Emsella treatment to combat urinary incontinence. Here’s what you need to know about this breakthrough technology. If you live near the Columbus, OH, area and want to experience the benefits of the Emsella chair, come to Body Refinery. Our experts will explain how the treatment works and help you determine whether it might be right for your needs. We are passionate about rejuvenating your body so you can feel your best in daily life. You can ditch the panty liners and go about your life with enthusiasm with Emsella treatments. We welcome you to try this treatment to improve your bladder function and health. Book a consultation for this revolutionary urinary incontinence treatment today!

The Revolutionary Emsella Chair

Who needs to do thousands of kegels when Emsella can do it in 30 minutes?

The Emsella chair uses breakthrough technology to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. By causing repetitive contractions, the Emsella chair strengthens the muscles that support your bladder and bowels. With these convenient sessions, you can regain normal bladder function again. 

The chair generates thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions in one 30-minute session. This rapid strengthening of your muscles reduces urinary incontinence. Many patients have transformed their bathroom habits and intimate lives with the Emsella chair. 

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence affects millions of people, especially women, worldwide. It’s common to experience some form of this condition after pregnancy, childbirth, or pelvic floor injuries. Urinary incontinence is caused by weakened pelvic floor muscles that cannot support your bladder’s normal function. So what does this condition entail? 

The symptoms of urinary incontinence include the following:

  • Bladder leaks
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Frequent feelings of having to urinate
  • Bladder pressure 
  • Painful urination

Who Is Most Likely to Suffer from Urinary Incontinence?

Women tend to struggle with urinary incontinence at higher rates than men. This is because pregnancy and childbirth can damage your pelvic floor muscles. Women with incontinence problems also tend to experience pain and pressure during sex, making intimacy a thing of the past. Luckily, with the Emsella chair, women can regain their bladder control and sexual fulfillment again.

The Intimacy Benefits of Emsella

Many women who get Emsella treatments claim that their sex lives improve greatly. Since your pelvic floor muscles are stronger, you can experience more intense orgasms and have more endurance during sex. Bladder problems can get in the way of a fulfilling sex life, and the Emsella chair is here to change that. Increased sexual satisfaction is linked to better mental health and success in romantic relationships. Aging, childbirth, and other factors do not have to take away life’s greatest pleasures. With Emsella, you can feel and perform better in the bedroom again.

Emsella Results

Thousands of patients have reaped the benefits of this technologically advanced urinary incontinence treatment. Over 90% of Emsella patients report an improvement in their quality of life after this treatment. Three-fourths of patients reported needing fewer panty liners to catch bladder leakage after Emsella. If you want bladder health results that you can trust, the Emsella chair is the best treatment for you. You can look forward to improved sexual performance, satisfaction, and endurance after Emsella treatment. Your pelvic floor muscles influence many organs within your pubic bone, so it’s important to strengthen and stimulate these muscles. Don’t take our word for it; discover the advantages of the Emsella chair yourself. We are happy to accept new patients who want relief from urinary incontinence.


  • Emtone Treatment
  • $300
  • Price is per treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Feel?

Many patients wonder how their Emsella treatments will feel. It can be intimidating to think of stimulated muscle contractions, especially in such a private area of your body. This treatment causes minor tingling, and you will feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting continuously. There is minimal discomfort associated with this treatment. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The typical treatment plan for the Emsella chair consists of six sessions in total. Patients should come in for two sessions each week. This gives your muscles enough time to recover and strengthen before your next appointment. However, the improvements can be lost if you wait too long in between sessions. 

Emsella Safety 

The FDA approves Emsella for urinary incontinence treatments. The electromagnetic muscle stimulation provided by the chair creates thousands of strong muscle contractions to quickly build muscle mass in your pelvic floor. 

At Body Refinery, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind. Each treatment is tailored for your specific health and wellness goals. We book an initial consultation with every patient who wants a new service. We will go over your medical history and lifestyle factors to determine whether Emsella is the best treatment for you. 

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The Staff, Dannielle, Jodie, Felicia and Ashley from Body Refinery is soo Welcoming, as soon my husband and I walked in. Love the Atmosphere. Jodie is Absolutely a Gem we spoked on the phone before I met with them, I felt like I known her my entire life. Dannielle talked through our goals and made us feel comfortable. I Definitely recommend this place. Thank you!!!
Mylene Ramirez
Happy Client
This place is awesome! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it’s a very cozy atmosphere. I have had many treatments here and have never been disappointed. I love the idea of reversing aging but not with surgery or invasive procedures—they have non-invasive solutions!!
Linda Dawson
Happy Client
The staff are welcoming and make you feel comfortable right away. Dr. J took his time to explain the services they provide and got me started right away. I only had my first session so far. I will be back and looking forward to trying a couple other services out. Definitely worth the try.
Rita Valenzuela
Happy Client